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CBD Therapeutics

2500 mg Nighttime Immunity Booster Tincture

  • CBD Therapeutics Nighttime Immunity Booster is an exclusive immune support hemp supplement that offers 1000 mg each of pure hemp-derived CBD-A (Cannabidiolic Acid) and CBG-A (Cannabigerolic Acid) with 500 mg of CBN (Cannabinol). Recent clinical research has revealed that CBD-A and CBG-A may both be highly effective in helping to prevent viral infections and support overall health, wellness and immune support. View the related science... CBN (Cannabinol) is a rare cannabinoid that is well known to support restful REM sleep cycles without the drowsiness related to many OTC sleep aids, which makes this an ideal all natural immune support product to take before bedtime each night.

    Lab tested for purity and potency. Confirmed to be 100% THC-Free.

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