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700 mg HHC Vape Pen (Pink Cookies)

Devilish HHC vape pens provide a smooth and uplifting euphoric effect without the anxiety and paranoia that can occur from a Delta-9 THC high. HHC (hexahydrocannabinol) is a hemp-derived rare cannabinoid that contains no THC and is completely legal for adult use in all 50 states.

Get ready for a good time with a blend of chatty, social behavior and an uplifted mental state. Some users find that Pink Cookies really enhances their creative work while others simply want to sit back and mingle with friends. Your mind will be energized either way, but it’s best to cash in on these effects before the comedown begins. Often used for help with a good night of sleep, Pink Cookies imparts a set of body tingles that make you feel incredibly relaxed.